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ROFFA member Gord West


The following heartbreaking message from Gord’s wife Bonnie was just received.

Those of you who know and worked with Gord might want to reach out to her and offer any support she might need.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Gord and his family during this very difficult period.


Gord West is currently in ICU; his heart stopped and the medical staff at the Ottawa General Hospital (OGH) were able to revive him after 10 minutes. He is currently on a ventilator in ICU at the OGH.

History of Gord’s Illness

September 30, 2021 through Current Time/(s)

Gord was transported by Ambulance to the Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) where he was diagnosed with pancreatitis derived from a gall bladder packed with gall stones and gall stone/(s) had travelled to his pancreas.

While at the QCH Gord developed necrotizing pancreatitis where tissue in his pancreas not only necrotized but the tissue was inflamed. The QCH flushed his system with a fluid/liquid diet and IV fluids so as not to lose Gord.

Gord was transported to the Ottawa General Hospital on Smyth Road for 4 days due to the suspicion of a pseudo-aneurism; however, the Radiologist at the OGH said this was not the case and as such Gord was discharged from the OGH October 19, 2021.

Gord was at home under his wife’s/Bonnie’s care for approximately a month and a half during which time he was being treated with insulin as a type 1 diabetic.

He had a first assessment at the OGH and then a second one two weeks later on November 30, 2021.

On November 30th, 2021, we were told that Gord had fluid in his left lung and in his abdomen. This information was derived from an MRI performed at OGH the night before the November 30th assessment appointment at the OGH.

During the assessment appointment at the OGH one of the surgeons, from Gord’s team (surgeons specializing in Liver, Bile Duct and Pancreas) indicated that Gord had fluid in his left lung and in his abdomen.

Gord was admitted to the OGH December 1, 2021 and drains were inserted into his body to drain the lung and abdomen.

Gord was having difficulty eating and with mobility and we were told that he was very ill and that his abdomen contained contents similar to that of a watermelon smashed on pavement He rallied and was able to sit in a chair and perform some ambulatory walking. His nutritional requirements had become compromised and he was on nose feeding. Recently, within the past week, it was determined that Gord had a gall bladder attack and he received medication. However, more recently Gord’s heart stopped and the OGH medical staff were able to get his heart started after 10 minutes. He is now in ICU on a ventilator.

Gord and His Career as a Firefighter

Gord originally worked as a Nepean Firefighter during which time he was involved in community work including: painting rooms at Rotel, participating in raising funds for the neo-natal unit and hyperbaric chamber at Ottawa Hospitals such as CHEO and the Ottawa General Hospital and he was always there to help with muscular dystrophy fund raising and fund raising for the Queensway Carleton Hospital. He very much enjoyed volunteering with the Magic Show fund raiser. He loved seeing all the families and their children entertained. He has/had a special place in his heart for kids and this was evident at Christmas Parties held for the children both at Nepean City Hall and those held by the Firefighters themselves at facilities within the Corporation of the City of Nepean.

Gord always believed in the solidarity of the Fire Department and was, while with Nepean, involved in union work. After amalgamation he was a lieutenant in the Ottawa Fire Department and then was very proud to excel to the position of Captain before he retired at the age of 58. He is now 71 years of age.

We ask that you give us your prayers for Gord.

Contact with his wife Bonnie West can be performed through email; her email address is:

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