Bytown Fire Brigade Museum 50/50 Draw


December 2021 Winner


Mark Lacasse 37 "A"

January Adam R Martin 47”B” $2,170.00

February Graeme Nichols 42”D” $2,160.00

March Michael A Webb 46”A” $2,160.00

April John M Poirier Fire Prevention $2,155.00

May Christopher Bailey 35”D” $2,147.50

June James Ellick 22”B” $2,150.00

July Kevin Forbes 37”D” $2,155.00

August J.C. Tony Prud’homme 21”B” $2,187.50

September Steven M Stackpool 43”D” $2,162.50

October Darren Donaldson Car 20 “B” $2,215.00

November Peter Barton 23”D” $2,207.50

To be included in the draw, or for more info, contact Scott Stillborn by email at  

Profits help support the BYTOWN FIRE BRIGADE, a non-profit historical society, dedicated to preserving fire fighting history and artifacts.