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Attention All OMERS Pensioners

OMERS today announced a 2021 return of 15.7%, net of expenses, which equates to $16.4 billion of net investment income. This result exceeded the Plan’s absolute benchmark return of 6.6% by more than $9 billion. OMERS net assets grew to $121 billion as at December 31, 2021.

According to the OMERS:

"Four key factors drove the outperformance relative to our benchmark:

  • The portfolio of public equities returned 20.7%, reflecting a strong year in public markets.

  • The private equity businesses grew earnings, both organically and through acquisitions. Private Equity returned 25.8%, which reflects higher valuations across the portfolio, including Ventures and Growth Equity, and the sale of one of our European service businesses during the year.

  • The higher allocation to industrial real estate assets created value as demand grew for warehousing and logistics spaces, resulting from the strength of e-commerce. The real estate assets earned a 15.9% return and our real estate business, Oxford Properties, continued to expand its global footprint.

  • The infrastructure investments continued to deliver positive and consistent returns, earning 10.7% in 2021, underscoring the long-term strength in this asset class."

The OMERS 2021 Annual Report is now available for download here


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