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Remember This? Bob the fire horse, the end of an era

The retirement of Ottawa's last fire horse was front page news, back in 1929.

Horse-Drawn Hose Reel with 500 feet of hose wrapped around the axle in front of No. 2 Fire Station, 123 Lyon Street at Queen Street, 1880. Left to right: Richard Waggoner, Hugh Latimer, and Thomas Stanford. Topley Studio, Library and Archives Canada, PA-012920.

On September 25, 1929, The Ottawa Evening Journal reported the death of old 'Bob,' a twenty-five year old horse.

It was front page news as Bob wasn’t just any horse, but was Ottawa’s last fire horse.

The red ribbon and cup winner at the Ottawa Horse Parade passed away in pasture, honourably retired for more than a year. He had been purchased by the Ottawa Fire Department (O.F.D.) in 1908 at the age of four from Hugh Coon. Standing 16 hands, 2 inches tall (66 inches) from the ground to the top of his withers, the jet black, 1,300 pound horse served four fire stations during his lifetime, retiring from the No. 11 station at 424 Parkdale Avenue.


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